Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

So, I kind of have a new obsession, and it's name is Marilyn. I went to the Mc Michael Gallery and there is currently an exhibit featuring her. The way she portrayed herself in front of the lense, she could just make herself become something/someone different, and in all of her photos she gave the impression that she was happy, that life was luxurious and that she was, well fabulous. And that word "fabulous." I don't use it, but it was the only possible word that I could find to describe her. For example, in one of the  series that her husband took she looked as if she was laying on a humongous big, fluffy bed all made up and was SO excited and happy that she just couldn't contain herself. Yet when you see the shot that is taken a few meters back from the bed you see that they are only on an old beaten up cot. She just seemed to be able put on such a masked face and hide all. In her reality, i'm positive she had lots of times that she was happy but she also had a hard life. She had a difficult childhood and was brought in the end to having to sell naked shots of herself that she only got 50$ for and almost ended up homeless. She died at the age of 36. We know that her death was caused because of drugs but it is undecided if someone purposely gave her too many. Now away from all that she was an amazing artist and inspired so many with her images. Originally known as Norma-Jean, I hope that everyone can see how phenomenal she was.

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