Thursday, March 24, 2011

So, here's the story!

Kay, soooo... uploading still not working, i'll try again later tonight, hope it works! Today was suprisingly good. I was sick this morning but went in in the afternoon. Something worked out for me today (not feeling better), and it's really exciting, well I don't know just a happy day, kay i'm done now, sorry for the random post needed to spill. Anyways, hopefully have them uploaded sometime tonight.
xoxo Photogirl

Monday, March 21, 2011


So sorry, my computer completely died lastnight when I was uploading the pics, don't know what happened to it, don't have time to upload them this morning but will do tonight(:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marilyn Makeup regime(:::::

So, today i'm going to go pick up some makeup (yeah yeah I know.) Buuut I found a great site and have been examining marilyn's  pictures. Finally found our how she does wonderful makeup! Once I get back I'll try it out, post steps and pictures, see you soon.
xoxo Photogirl

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

So, I kind of have a new obsession, and it's name is Marilyn. I went to the Mc Michael Gallery and there is currently an exhibit featuring her. The way she portrayed herself in front of the lense, she could just make herself become something/someone different, and in all of her photos she gave the impression that she was happy, that life was luxurious and that she was, well fabulous. And that word "fabulous." I don't use it, but it was the only possible word that I could find to describe her. For example, in one of the  series that her husband took she looked as if she was laying on a humongous big, fluffy bed all made up and was SO excited and happy that she just couldn't contain herself. Yet when you see the shot that is taken a few meters back from the bed you see that they are only on an old beaten up cot. She just seemed to be able put on such a masked face and hide all. In her reality, i'm positive she had lots of times that she was happy but she also had a hard life. She had a difficult childhood and was brought in the end to having to sell naked shots of herself that she only got 50$ for and almost ended up homeless. She died at the age of 36. We know that her death was caused because of drugs but it is undecided if someone purposely gave her too many. Now away from all that she was an amazing artist and inspired so many with her images. Originally known as Norma-Jean, I hope that everyone can see how phenomenal she was.

Adding to my collection

So far I have about 5 cameras in my collection. All of which I absolutely LOVE yet I am still looking to add to my collection. For my collection I don't mind if it's in working condition or not, as long as it's not completely destroyed. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where I could get these for a cheap price, or for free. I will be accepting donations but I am totally NOT asking at all don't think that that would happen anyways (just open to all suggestions.)  Here are some types that i'm interested in. ( <3) See yoou

xoxo Photogirl

A beautiful daaay.

Tooday....Today was sunny. I went out for lunch with one of my besfriends, walked around on our equivalent of main-street and then went back to my house and she helped to renovating my room (will post pics soon.) After that went on a walk around to three of our friends houses and walked back. It was beautiful out. On our way home we walked on top of the wooden beams on the sides of a parkette and through my shades everything looked almost sepia and just purely warm. I wish I had had my camera with me, it would have made for really nice photographs. Anyways bye for now m'dears.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun weekend (: Tubing (can get up to180miles per hour where I was), swimming, running, art gallery's, hotel, buffet, creepy guys in a band.....FUUN. Anyways, tubing was super scary but glad I did it.  Post new pics soon
xoxo Photogirl

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love at first sight. And yes, it was talking to me.

Kay, so... Today I went to the most amazing place in the whole entire world. It's called "lomography" and it's a gallery/store. It sells holga's and diana's. The walls are covered in pictures taken by the cameras in numerous prints facing different directions (if I believed in it, then that would be heaven!) I fell in love with a holga fisheye that was white and red with a space age/vintage type round peephole and the words I love you on the front. It was talking to me I swear *the I love you.* Anyways, a couple more weeks and hopefully I will be able to afford it, it will fit in perfect with my collection and take hopefully awesome film. See ya soon, I have to take a break from writing for a a couple days but, 'till next time.
 xoxo Photogirl

P.S Here's the link to their site:
Sooo, new haircut, selfiee (embarassing) and also editing experimentation
xoxo Photogirl


So here's a bit of my weekly project. I think that eyes can be really interesting. They can let you into to sooo much. Anyways, did this shoot with my mum, only a couple pics, it didn't turn out great but, might as well show.

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Love, Love, Love

Here's a photo that I really played with on my photo program. Like the whole look so far might be a bit over-saturated but nbd. <3
xoxo Photogirl

Mixed thoughts

Hmmm, not sure about these trying to come up with photo ideas, hope their good :)
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Give me ideas!

Starting today I will be accepting a project each week. Anything to do with photography. For instance eyes, flowers, vintage style, seascape etc... Hope I get suggestions just comment to give ideas. Anyways I am starting with eyes this week, and next week will start with one of your suggestions (hopefully some are made *:)*) 'Till next time
xoxo Photogirl


Finally, first sunny, not freezing day in about 5 months in my city. So fun! This morning I went shopping got high-wasted jeans, finally a good pair of pants. And two floral tops that I have been saving for forever. After taking the streetcar home I went on a walk with my dog Tater. Two years ago today we rescued/adopted him; Happy Adoptaversary! It was beautiful out, walked for an hour in my green shades, bright red lipstick and humongous camera, BLISS.<3  I'll post pics of our walk tomorrow.
xoxo Photogirl

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So art. We can all achieve different levels of sucess from it. For some it's something foreign and unfamiliar. For others it's a challenge. And for some it's something that is forced or expected. Yet for some it's an exhilarating way of life. For me i'm not quite sure but I know I couldn't live without it.  Here are just some photos that I was playing around with. I am thinking of applying for a photography contest in NY. (not with these photos.) Either way, look away! Be back in five minutes to post them.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Heeeeey. :)
So, anyone interested in Pretty Little Liars? New episode coming out tonight in Canada, eastern time. So exciting. Lots of new couples, and they are coming close to finding out who A is. Can't wait! hope everyone watches, also I'm rooting for Aria and Ezra, kinda love Lucy Hale. Anyways, night.

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