Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sorry long time no see. So, for an update I have finally found a better camera and hope to purchase and show everybody some new pics soon! It's called the canon rebel xs. You've probably heard of it. So far I have got  a photo of mine going to HOPEFULLY be published on the cover of a new book that is coming out to do with, social, racial and just in general all equality in politics. As well sometime this week I hope to update you with photos, as I am starting to do photo shoots with my five favorite gals. I hope to create a story in each series, to each his/her own. As well I am hoping to create a project at my school with the help of staff and create a scene or line of all of the students in the field. As well I may transport a bedroom seen including various bedroom equipment outside in the snow to create, new and different perspectives. Thanks, i'll upload some new pics.
xoxo Photogil