Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love at first sight. And yes, it was talking to me.

Kay, so... Today I went to the most amazing place in the whole entire world. It's called "lomography" and it's a gallery/store. It sells holga's and diana's. The walls are covered in pictures taken by the cameras in numerous prints facing different directions (if I believed in it, then that would be heaven!) I fell in love with a holga fisheye that was white and red with a space age/vintage type round peephole and the words I love you on the front. It was talking to me I swear *the I love you.* Anyways, a couple more weeks and hopefully I will be able to afford it, it will fit in perfect with my collection and take hopefully awesome film. See ya soon, I have to take a break from writing for a a couple days but, 'till next time.
 xoxo Photogirl

P.S Here's the link to their site:

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