Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Regime (it's finally here)

 Sooo, first of all moisterize, her skin always looked flawless
Second, I used concealer, you might not need it, but I decided to  use it. (up to you!)

Step three, eye shadow, doesn't have to be but I used a creamy kind of white color, anything works as long as it's not to heavy or dark

Step four, I used a light brown eyeliner (can be done with darker eyeshadow and makeup brush) and lightly shaded the crease in my eyelid to give the appearence of a bigger eye

Step five, everybody thought that generally marilyn sported a black eyeliner, yet in truth it was always a dark brown, I used a liquid liner called "espresso".

Step six, you coat the really heavy dark brown liner with a thin white line to somewhat blur the darker liner and make it look less intense

Step seven, the last step of the eye. I used a red lip liner, and created a VERY small red dot on the inside end of your eye. This creates the illusion that the eye is longer, and the technique was use by her makeup artist daily.

Step eight, next I used a bit of blush and applied it from the top of my cheekbone, and almost following it all the way across the cheekbone, to define the shape of your face.

Step nine, I used a lip liner and lined the rims of my lips to prevent the lip products from err bleeding.(:

Step ten, I used a mixture of lipstain (reddish pink) and bright red lipstick. She could never do a pure red because on camera it appeared orange-ish and recked the shot.

And last but not least, strike a poseee!!!!!

Lastly, here are my before and after shots
xoxo Photogirl


  1. could you be anymore darn awesome!? <3 Summer we shall doll up in that makeup and have a awesome photo shoot!