Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soooo, enough photos for now well, i guess there can never be enough pics but i'd like to tell you a little but about me:) Okayy, so here's my very own interpretation: I am a girl who could NEVER live without music, seriously if it's not on around me then it's blasting in my head (it can get kind of irritating.) I am constantly taking photos, and am a photographer. I  own my very own SANYO VPC-E890. I am currently saving up for new Canon EOS Rebel. Religiously I'm bit of an athiast but i guess there are maybe some things that I believe in, not god or anything though (no offense to anyone religious reading this, i have no errhh....big problems with religion,) it's just not for me.I love visual arts, mostly sketching. I have an okay singing voice but am usually to shy to sing in front of people; crappy I know! I am a pretty good writer but I generally do well on longer pieces, so don't expect anything too amazing on here. As well I had purple hair but now it's faded to a reddish color, hope to re-dye it soon. For anyone that has and questions on here please feel free to post comments and I will gladly answer them.Thanks so much,

xoxo Photogirl

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